[PC-BSD Testing] Clean install Gnome Testing

doverosx at gmail.com doverosx at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 08:08:44 PDT 2009

There are some issues on my most recent clean install, that I don't 
think I noticed (got around to reporting) with Gnome PBI.

1. For functionality sake, there is no shutdown  or restart options in 
the Gnome menus.

2. Once a Gnome session is locked manually, or with the screensaver, no 
password known to man will let me back in! That is big doozy.

3. PBI's do not launch at a click's notice, running /PCBSD/../runpbi.sh 
will launch the PBI just fine. After installation however, the menus are 
not populated in Gnome. In KDE, the menus are populated just fine!

On a side note, has anyone been able to make sdk with Open Office 3?


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