[PC-BSD Testing] VirtualBox Annoyances

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 16:36:44 PDT 2009

Ian said:

>> 1. No copying & pasting between host and guest --
>> Although you are supposed to be able to copy & paste between host and
guest, the PBI does not let me.

Kris said:

> Copy & Paste works just fine here with a Win XP guest and the PBI.
> You have to install the guest additions, under devices -> install guest
additions first though.

I have guest additions installed.  I can only copy from the guest and paste
in the host.  I cannot go the other way.  So, guest-->host works and
host-->guest does not.

No matter what, I think that VirtualBox is the best solution yet for BSD to
run Windoze programs.

DosBox worked great, but its DOS.

Qemu/Kqemu/Aqemu  worked, but not always, and not fast.

Win4BSD worked but its developer never seemed to care much about BSD and
never did upgrade past FreeBSD 6.x.

Wine could not run WordPerfect reliably (that, and occasional use of Adobe
Acrobat and fast-feed scan-to-pdf and/or OCR are the only reasons I want to
run Windows ).

Superfluous addition:

Sun has probably got Micro-Cheerleader Steve Ballmer staining his pants
since VirtualBox lets virtual disks loaded with XP (or other MicroShaft OSs)
(and MicroShaft programs) get easily relocated to another computer.

But that is only fair that Sun technology batter Ballmer and MicroShaft
since it ridiculed Oracle for buying Sun saying that Oracle has just bought
a decaying business, and that customers are moving away from Sun’s servers
and Solaris operating systems.  “I don’t think anyone can treat Sparc as
anything but legacy,” Mr. Muglia [the president of MicroShaft’s server and
tools business], said. “It will become obsolete in a very rapid period of
time. And I don’t think anyone views Solaris as viable."  Right Ballmer and
Muglia -- I guess we had better abandon our Unix-based servers immediately
and replace them with yours.  Not!

Ian Robinson
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