[PC-BSD Testing] VirtualBox Annoyances

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Jul 21 11:42:53 PDT 2009

>Dear Kris:
>I am much impressed with the VirtualBox PBI as it is running fast 
>and efficiently, and your addition of Guest Tools to the PBI lets us 
>run it in a large (or full screen window) and share folders with the 
>host system. It is a great addition to the PCBSD lineup.  However I 
>have run into two annoyances and wonder if something can be done about them.
>1.  No copying & pasting between host and guest --  Although you are 
>supposed to be able to copy & paste between host and guest, the PBI 
>does not let me.
>2.  Once a file is saved to the shared folder (which is owned by the 
>regular user, not root), the file is stored with very restrictive 
>root file permissions.  This is problematic if you are trying to 
>update the save of a word processing file because each attempt 
>receives an error message saying you don't have sufficient 
>permission to save the file.
>The workaround is to load up Dolphin in the Administrator mode and 
>change permissions permitting others to read and write.  Well, that 
>lets you save the file for that instance, but the act of saving 
>returns the file to its restrictive file permissions again.  Thus, 
>to update your work, you have to modify the permissions again, so 
>you go around in circles.
>I have tried adding my user name to the list of vboxusers in the 
>group members in /etc/group without any improvement.
>I wonder, why does the VirtualBox PBI have to be stored in the /root 
>folder and why cannot regular users run it?
>Ian Robinson
>Salem, Ohio

Virtualbox is probably an alpha so it's very buggy. 

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