[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1.1 - Server mode

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Jul 13 00:40:20 PDT 2009

I've installed a server edition;
I wanted to test a ThinClient PBI.
I found that serer edition didn't enable a "hald" and "dbus" in 
/etc/rc.conf -- so any login attempt in kde failed.
I added this manually.

1. Do ThinClient PBI while installs add these values, if they not exists?
2. I have only one network card, ThinClient didn't ask anything while 
installing, and setup both  dhcp and on same card; (I fixed 
this, at least I separated to em0 and em0_alias0) -- I think this 
behaviour should be a bit tweaked;
3. In-menu "Thin Client Docs" points to trac, where I see link to 
wiki.pcbsd.org -- should be fixed.

I couldn't tested yet this setup, since my laptop didn't support network 
boot (oops), and second PC is busy right now :)
So I have questions, for peoples, who use Thin Clients;

1. How much RAM per user should be on server? Minimal/Recommended;
2. How much Network bandwidth would be sufficient for comfort work, per 
3. Do these network users are in separate group, or class, or else; Can 
be limited space/CPU usage/Ram usage per user, at some level higher than 
4. Do users see other's HOME dirs? Do all users have some common/shared 
Dir, to which all have rights to write? Or this should be made manually?
5. 64bit server and 32bit clients - possible? this year? next year? :)
6. Can I have in one network one DHCP server, two (or more) ThinClient 
servers, and users will automatically (or at least manually) choose less 
loaded server?
7. Any guides/written experiences exists?

We are going to new office this fall, and I think I'll try to make a 
setup of 30+ ThinClients, so currently I had to experiment and annoy a 
bit :)


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