[PC-BSD Testing] Lies, damn lies and xorg wizard

erjc98 erjc98 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 12:36:01 PDT 2009

Correcting some misinformation and damn lies I told kris on IRC.

The Ati-radeon DRM and TTM/GEM infrastructure is undergoing some major
changes.  Some changes are going in linux-2.6.31/staging and the "Xorgs" are
planning on putting the finishing touches in 2.6.32.  No idea about
freebsd-land, I'm a clueless noob.
The user-land parts (ddx/mesa) are seeing upheaval as well.  Right now,
r300-500 cards/drivers can give users nasty hangs/freezes.  An fscking
hard-reboot may be necessary if the user cannot otherwise log-in to his
box.  Some radeonHD and/or nouveau users may see this kind of issues
now/soon, the radeon Xorgs see this code as the base going forward.

Some changes in the X configuration wizard, /boot/loader.conf and xorg.conf
will mitigate some issues for pcbsd users. Toggling off 3d/accel stuff;

In /boot/loader.conf;
radeon_load="NO" # "YES" to enable, default yes

In xorg.conf, drm/dri/glx support;

Section "Device"
    Option "BusType" "PCI" # some issues are in AGP code, mitigated in PCI
#    Option "AGPMode" "8" # 4 or whatever works

Section "Module"
    Disable "glx" # this may be the only one needed
    Disable "drm" # many issues, various tweaks, disabling dri,drm,glx
and/or others
    Disable "dri" # with various kernel/bios tweaks may allow more/less

As for Xserver zapping not working;
Section "InputDevice"
    Option  "XkbOptions" "terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"

Best info I found is;

But nothing from that worked for me.  I guess a version mismatch of
libs/configs might be the culprit here. Xinput is seeing a lot of changes
lately but I'm not following development.
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