[PC-BSD Testing] Some news about Current

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Fri Jul 10 02:30:36 PDT 2009

Hey guys!
I'm currently helping to port (testing) KDE4.3 to FreeBSD, and I have 
CURRENT-system set up.
I ran a few tests with USB devices, maybe they would be interesting to 

1. Insert USB-stick, mount (via dolphin), start copy big file to local 
FS, unplug (pre-Current would panic) - OK
2. Again insert same stick, it still are mounted, copy other files - OK, 
they aren't broken, and match against originals;
3. Unmount, mount, unplug, plug, etc - OK
4. Plug cardreader (almost 100% panic while working with it in 
pre-Current), same tasks as with USB-stick - OK
5. Plug bluetooth adapter, search for device - OK
6. Unplug bluetooth, plug again (stop working at same usb port in 7.2), 
find my device from time to time (not sure it's adapter fault), repeated 
few times - OK
7. MIDI keyboard - detected, but as ugen. Couldn't make it work yet :-P

I have no more non-standard USB-devices, but with all these, I satisfied :)
Upcoming 8.0 is looking GREAT as for me :)

Best Regards
Alexander Yerenkow,
Generalissimo of UCT

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