[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1.1 sound issues - solved, kind of ....

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Wed Jul 8 20:59:54 PDT 2009

Matt Olander wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 3:45 PM, brian<peispud at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>>  You are right Kris, but this is a real weird one . It was was trying to
>> use my new Panda 10c webcam as the default audio device - for both
>> analog input and output ! Unplugging the webcam and rebooting solved the
>> problem just fine . My next problem is how to use the webcam with BSD .
>> I could try plugging it in after boot, but the old spca5view is useless
>> with a uvc cam . Thanks for the help anyways, you guys are great :)
> Hey Brian, that's exactly the problem. Since there is no device driver
> attaching for the webcam, uaudio assumes it's a USB sound device. I
> had the same issue with my Logitech webcam until I loaded the pwc.ko
> module from the pwcbsd port.
> To get it working, as root I ran
> #cd /usr/ports/multimedia/pwcbsd && runports make install clean
> <after the port built)
> #kldload pwc.ko
> #exit
> <unplugged/replugged USB webcam>
> #rehash
> #pwcview
> That ran the built-in test capture app for the pwc driver, and the
> webcam fired up.
> Here's an older list of webcams supported by the pwc driver:
> http://raaf.atspace.org/
> Although, mine wasn't listed and still worked.
> We're looking at doing some more webcam support at iX so we can get a
> video/SIP phone solution working.
> best,
> -matt
>  Thanks for the reply Matt . It appears my webcam isn't supported as of yet . I'm looking forward to some more webcam support .It would be particularily nice to fire up Cheese and see it working . 
     Thanks again,
      - Brian


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