[PC-BSD Testing] FF 3.5 Problem -- FF3.5 Works with a New User

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:35:11 PDT 2009

Re:  FF3 problem

Brody Dover said:

Hello Ian,

can you make another account on the Acer to see if it is profile in the
user's home directory causing the issue?



Brody - You nailed that one.  I took your suggestion and set up another user
account.  FF 3.5 started without problems.  I'm using it to send this
message now.

Before that, I had tried downloading and reinstalling the FF 3.5 PBI but
that offered no relief and produced the error message about which I had
written earlier.

Therefore, Brody's assessment that the user's profile may be the source of
the problem appears to be right on.   What a puzzle too, since this is an
install without any adjustments or tweaks whatsoever.

Since this was a fresh install, and I have nothing set up, I might just try
a fresh install again.

Ian Robinson
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