[PC-BSD Testing] RC2

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Jul 1 00:58:43 PDT 2009

1. Intel video - Fixed Netbeans (there was serious graphic glitches)
2. Intel video - still UXA hangs my EeePC 900, just FYI, don't think 
it's PC-BSD related.
3. Network manager (wifi) If I add some profiles, like configured WEP 
with password, they are saved during reboots; But If I tick checkbox 
"disable this device" -- all profiles are deleted, when I next time 
enable device. I think that's a bad behaviour.
4. Network manager (wifi)- Search for network do not show if the net is 
open, or secured; That's not cool too.
5. System settings - Advanced - Devices - Bluetooth networks are empty 
for me, but I'm using a bluetooth :) Not sure it's our problem, maybe 
6. Copy files over wifi significantly improved speed, compared to 7.1 
This is noticeable on my not-very powerful laptop :)

Maybe I'll find something more.

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