[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 24, Issue 2

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 13:21:37 PST 2009

Kris Moore said:

Yep! I've already got a build of PC-BSD 7.1 here with KDE 4.2beta2. I'm
waiting until KDE 4.2 is released in a few weeks and then plan on
releasing some beta ISO's for you to begin beating it up a bit :)


I'm salivating already.  I knew that Kris would be there for us putting it
all together at the earliest opportunity.

KDE.org says, "KDE 4.2.0 will be released on January 27th and is considered
a significant improvement in nearly all aspects above the KDE 4.1 series."
Elsewhere KDE.org explains that the "significant improvements" are

   - The KDE 4.2 series will offer considerable improvements in stability,
   feature-completeness and performance over its predecessors in the KDE4
   - The Plasma desktop shell has gained many feature that users were still
   missing in earlier KDE4 revisions.
   - Applications shipped with KDE 4.2 Beta 2 have many features added and
   bugs fixed
   - The KDE development platform has seen significant improvements on
   non-Linux platforms such as BSD . . . .

When you continue to read about the "other improvements" @
http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2-beta2.php you will conclude that
things look great for the PC-BSD desktop, thanks to Kris' foresight and
decision to transition to KDE 4 ahead of the pack.


Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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