[PC-BSD Testing] SOLVED: Firefox 3 Printing with CUPS nicely

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Thu Feb 26 07:56:31 PST 2009

This is really great news!!

as most of my computers do not have port installed I will try pkg_add .. 
hopefully there are no dependencies and nothing will break!!

if it pkg_add doesn't work, I will wait for the patch!!

thank you for the tip :-)... now we jst have to find a way to skip that 
annoying "choose lpt" window.. something like "if I tell you to print, just 
go ahead and print". so it will show the right window right away!!

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Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] SOLVED: Firefox 3 Printing with CUPS nicely

> I know lots of people have complained about how FireFox 3 removed CUPS
> printing support, and the "lpr" method was  pretty crummy at best, which
> didn't let you select different printers. I've come up with a solution
> here, which seems to work great for FireFox 3 and any other programs
> that make use of LPR. This will be included in 7.1 BETA1 and later.
> Note: If you are trying this on 7.1-Alpha, we use a different port
> localbase for the PC-BSD ports. You will need to change all references
> to /usr/local to /PCBSD/local, and follow the directions listed in our
> Wiki before compiling gtklp
> http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/Working_with_FreeBSD_Ports
> Instructions:
> Install the port /usr/ports/print/gtklp
> # cd /usr/ports/print/gtklp
> # make install
> Move the old lpr out of the way
> # mv /usr/bin/lpr /usr/bin/lpr.old
> # mv /usr/local/bin/lpr /usr/local/bin/lpr.old
> Make a small shell-script for lpr
> # vi /usr/bin/lpr
> /usr/bin/lpr
> -----
> #!/bin/sh
> /usr/local/bin/gtklp "$@"
> -----
> # chmod 755 /usr/bin/lpr
> Thats it! Now when you print in FF3, select "lpr" as normal. and the
> gtklp dialog will popup, and let you set which printer, papersize and
> other features you wish.
> --
> Kris Moore
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