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A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
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Who'll make a PBI? :)

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Subject: 	Re: License question
Date: 	Wed, 25 Feb 2009 16:13:59 +0100
From: 	Christian Ghisler <support at ghisler.com>
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To: 	yerenkow at uct.ua


You wrote:
>  Hello, my name's Alexander Yerenkow, i'm taking part of developing
>  PC-BSD (it's OS based on FreeBSD).

>  Currently we have trchnology make redistributable packages of some
>  software, even for windows one.
>  As example - here is Windows Firefox, packaged for use on PC-BSD:
>  http://pbidir.com/bt/pbi/134/firefox3__win_

>  So, the goal of this letter is make clear, can we take total commander
>  and make installer for PC-BSD,
>  is there some license (or just personal maybe) restriction exists, which
>  didn't allow us to do this?
>  The total commander itself will be untouched and unmodified, so user
>  still need to buy it.
>  Except that we are planning add all languages and maybe some plugins in
>  base installation.

>  So, if you you do not mind, simply answer "yes" :)

With this e-mail, we give you the permission to distribute the shareware
version of our program "Total Commander" in your special packaging,
under the following conditions:
1. The program and help file are not modified
2. You do not advertise it as the registered version of the program

Best regards

Christian Ghisler

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