[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha2 testing

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Feb 25 05:49:26 PST 2009


I forgot to mention in the previous message that the new PBI 
installer (is this the work of 2.1??) is much more robust and I 
appreciate that it gives more info visually as to 1) what's going on, 
2) option to add to start menu and desktop, 3) progress indicator 
windows, 4) completion notification in that long rectangular window 
thingy, 5) the location of the install (i.e., /Office, /Internet, 
etc.). For *nix people, this may be erroneous info, but for the 
touchy-feely crowd, it does but the neat-o factor up another notch. 
Nice work man!


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