[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha2 for testing

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Feb 23 13:07:53 PST 2009

On 23.02.2009 22:55, Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> I know this program...
> is the old "norton commander" from DOS or PC-DOC (the IBM version.. a 
> lot better than MS-DOS) dear old days...
> didn't know that they were still making this one.
> there are free versions out there, WINSCP can do the same things that 
> this program does, just set the right column to be local (I think.. 
> never done it before).
> If necessary I can find the free versions that I was used to used in 
> win95 and see if they evolve into *nix..
> good memories when I was playing with my 80486dx2 60Mhz with the turbo 
> on :-) and a good load of 4Mb ram and 20Mb HDD
> probably there are free versions already ready for BSD... I'll dig
> Fabry

Actually it's shareware, but it's only ask for press one of 3 buttons on 
It's support hot-directories, transparent archive handling, custom 
directory and file DIFF (!!!), bundled ftp client, and panel for 
quick-launch of user programs, handy too.
multi-renaming, fast file search (by content and regexp content too), 
search in archive too.
And it's damn really, really FAST.

As for me - there are no analogue in unix/linux. closest - mucommander, 
but it's slow in some cases, and not support file (or dir) comparing.

Well, if we have some commercial games in PBI, why not this?
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>     On 23.02.2009 16:54, Kris Moore wrote:
>>     A.Yerenkow wrote:
>>>     On 21.02.2009 1:26, Kris Moore wrote:
>>>>     Hey all, thanks for the reports from Alpha 1! Lots of things have been
>>>>     fixed since then, and Xorg 7.4 is acting a bit more normal now, so I've
>>>>     gone ahead and cut a release of Alpha2 for everybody to play with.
>>>>     Some of the highlights:
>>>>     * Fixed nvidia driver support
>>>>     * Included new kde printer application
>>>>     * Fixes slew of Xorg-related bugs and problems from update to 7.4
>>>>     * Patches which improve KDE's plasma stability
>>>>     * Numerous other small bugfixes :)
>>>>     ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-iso/PCBSD7.1-ALPHA2-x86-DVD.iso
>>>>     ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-iso/PCBSD7.1-ALPHA2-x86-DVD.md5
>>>>     As usual, please report bugs to this list, especially any regressions
>>>>     you've found from 7.0.x.
>>>>     Thanks!
>>>     Kris, there's something with /boot/loader has changed.
>>>     I couldn't make boot USB, as usual. Seems this 1byte difference between
>>>     alpha2 and alpha1 loaders breaks something.
>>>     I changed it with /boot/loader from alpha1 and could succesfully boot
>>>     and install from FAT32 flash. "Howto" coming soon ;)
>>>     About system itself = new theme is good, a little speedup (comparing to
>>>     alpha1) is present.
>>     Let me know how to solve this, i've not personally changed anything
>>     related to the boot process, aside from updating to the latest FreeBSD
>>     7.1-Stable. Did something change in FBSD as far as you know?
>>>     We lack of good, strong, solid filemanager, like TotalCommander. Maybe
>>>     we could get a sane PBI ? :) Just thoughts, yet.
>>     I'm not seeing TotalCommander in the ports tree? If there's one you like
>>     in ports, let me know and I can get a PBI made up of it. I'm doing a
>>     couple a week right now, in my spare time while working on 7.1 :P
>     It's because it's windows app :)
>     But it should be easy built, like WinFirefox;
>     TK itself could be obtained from http://www.ghisler.com/
>     If this not very difficult, can we have it? :)
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