[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha2 for testing

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Mon Feb 23 07:32:08 PST 2009

The update manager now works as it should.

As for the port for the brother driver, I have no idea. Brother is  
nice enough to include the ppd file on their driver disk, though, so  
it shouldn't present a huge problem. Oc course everyone always keeps  
their old CDs, right?   :-) If anyone needs me to I can list the path  
to the driver on the CD, but it is pretty easy to find.

As I mentioned in a later post the partitioning did not turn out as I  
told it to. I will be doing some more playing around with that on the  
next release. Right now I am trying to make sure everything runs OK.  
On the next release I will transfer everything from 7.0.2 over and  
then get rid of it. That will give me two drives to play with 7.1 on.

So far I am really liking this version. I am only running on a gig of  
RAM on this version as I loaned out a gig to a friend who is trying to  
do some video editing on his Windows XP machine. I keep telling him to  
get a Mac.   :-)

On Feb 23, 2009, at 6:49 AM, Kris Moore wrote:

> Bill Leeper wrote:
>> Thanks for fixing the nVidia problem, Kris. This release installed  
>> and
>> let me set up my 8500 just fine. And I like the new look. So far it
>> seems to have solved the video corruption I was getting in the tray
>> icons. I did run into a couple of problems, though.
>> Like several people have said the update manager icon always stays a
>> blue triangle, and when I start it up it always gives me the error
>> message:   Could not contact the PC-BSD update server...   The thing
>> is when I click OK it actually does contact the server and perform  
>> the
>> updates.
> That actually wasn't a bug on the system, rather I hadn't activated  
> the
> server to accept 7.1-ALPHA2 as a valid release yet :P I've added it to
> the server now, and the updater shouldn't give you these errors  
> anymore.
>> Also, there seem to be a lot of printer files missing when you add a
>> printer. My brother 5250DN laser has always been listed before but is
>> gone now. Fortunately Brother has seen fit to include the PPD file on
>> the driver disk so it is easy to add. But it is a bit of a nuisance.
>> (I have to admit the same has been said about me more than once).
> Maybe the port changed to no longer include these print drivers? Do  
> you
> know offhand which port(s) we should include for this particular  
> driver
> to be included? I'm not having much luck finding any here :(
>> I tried something a bit different with this install. I used the
>> Journeled FS and then dud a custom partition on the 3rd SATA drive. I
>> just told it to use the first half of the drive so I could use the
>> other part for another OS. I will check out the partition table  
>> when I
>> reboot to see if it worked as it should.
> Let me know! :)
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