[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 7.1 Alpha 2

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Feb 23 07:24:18 PST 2009

Airy wrote:
> Testing on an Asus G35 based board with Intel 8400 3ghz processor and 
> Sata H/disk.
> Now installs O/K , Screen configurator still gets stuck on default 
> 1024x768 resolution (is it possible to remove this default and enable it 
> only on startup as an option??). This one seems to always be a sticking 
> point on all the PCBSD 7+ versions so far .
> I am able to go into control panel and change the default to (auto) 
> (1920x1200) but when rebooted goes straight back into 1024x768 (yuck) - 
> rerun control panel and as soon as I click on monitor comes right ...
> (When I try PClinuxOS install - goes straight to correct resolution 
> everytime without fail - but don't want PClinuxOS though).

Can you try this for me? Reboot, and hit option 7 to bring up the screen 
config tool again. Then go to "advanced" and be sure to check the box 
for custom vert / horz refresh rates. (You can use the defaults if you 
like). Then set your res to 1920x1200 and see if it works. I've found in 
quite a few cases that takes care of it, like Xorg wont change the res 
unless some sort of monitor refresh rates are specified. (Its supposed 
to auto-detect those, but that only works sometimes it seems)

> Bottom panelbar doesn't cover the width of the screen in this resolution.

Thats normal. After your panel bar gets initialized at some size, it 
stays that way, until you click and edit it, and drag it over to the max 
of your screensize.

> Good to see a partition option in the install - is it possible to remove
> the 512mb limit on swap though - read somewhere on the Freebsd forum 
> that FreeBSD is lousy at configurating swapspace at the moment (4-8Gb 
> would be nice).

You can always increase the swap space during the install in the 
partition tool, Just decrease some other partition, and allocate the 
newly freed space to swap. However this may be unnecessary, in PC-BSD we 
have a daemon which monitors swap usage, and if it drops below a 
pre-determined amount (100MB I think) it then adds additional swap space 
on the fly in 256MB increments in the /swap folder.

> When loading System manager , creating  a dump of system config , comes 
> up with errors but at least allows to save.

What errors do you see and how do you duplicate? I'm trying here, and 
can't seem to make it fail.

> Any possibility of putting an option in to restore original desktop 
> (widgets especially) , too easy to close them and they go away - haven't 
> checked but an option to lock them from closing would be good.

You may have to ask the KDE guys about that. You can always restore your 
original desktop by removing .kde4/share/config/plasma* and re-login, 
but an automated option would be nice :)

Also, you should always be able to lock widgets. Just right-click on the 
desktop, or just click little color wheel icon in the top right corner 
of the screen, and choose "lock widgets" that is supposed to prevent you 
from moving or closing them.

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