[PC-BSD Testing] Nepali Version

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Feb 23 06:20:57 PST 2009

Prakash Poudyal wrote:
> Hello All,
> Here I want to know why it is difficult to install Nepali Version of
> PCBSD. When I select the language version as Nepali it does not work. So
> please correct it.


Unfortunately we are unable to include support for it at this time.. KDE 
4.2 does *not* support nepali just yet. Here's the new languages KDE 4.2 

         arabic/kde4-l10n		Arabic
         misc/kde4-l10n-bn_IN		Bengali (India)
         misc/kde4-l10n-eu		Basque
         misc/kde4-l10n-gu		Gujarati
         hebrew/kde4-l10n		Hebrew
         misc/kde4-l10n-is		Icelandic
         misc/kde4-l10n-kn		Kannada
         misc/kde4-l10n-mai		Maithili
         misc/kde4-l10n-mr		Marathi
         misc/kde4-l10n-ro		Romanian
         misc/kde4-l10n-tg		Tajik

It looks like they are not even 50% done translating Nepali in KDE 4.2 
yet, you may wish to contact the Nepali team via the links below to see 
if you can help out.


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