[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 7.1 Alpha 2

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Feb 23 00:46:51 PST 2009

On 23.02.2009 9:25, Airy wrote:
> Testing on an Asus G35 based board with Intel 8400 3ghz processor and
> Sata H/disk.
> Now installs O/K , Screen configurator still gets stuck on default
> 1024x768 resolution (is it possible to remove this default and enable it
> only on startup as an option??). This one seems to always be a sticking
> point on all the PCBSD 7+ versions so far .
> I am able to go into control panel and change the default to (auto)
> (1920x1200) but when rebooted goes straight back into 1024x768 (yuck) -
> rerun control panel and as soon as I click on monitor comes right ...
> (When I try PClinuxOS install - goes straight to correct resolution
> everytime without fail - but don't want PClinuxOS though).
> Bottom panelbar doesn't cover the width of the screen in this resolution.
> Good to see a partition option in the install - is it possible to remove
> the 512mb limit on swap though - read somewhere on the Freebsd forum
> that FreeBSD is lousy at configurating swapspace at the moment (4-8Gb
> would be nice).
It's true for system with not much RAM. When you have 1Gb or more, you 
don't really need swap, if you
using OS not in stress-mode. I always have about 4k used in swap, and in 
rare cases it goes up to tens of megabytes.
If you setting up powerful server, then yes, reason for big swap exists.

> When loading System manager , creating  a dump of system config , comes
> up with errors but at least allows to save.
> Any possibility of putting an option in to restore original desktop
> (widgets especially) , too easy to close them and they go away - haven't
> checked but an option to lock them from closing would be good.
Click on right-top corner, there are a possibility to lock up widgets. 
It'll be locked  by default in Release, I hope :)
> Startup and shutdown now drama free (yeah).
> Allows me to view NTFS disk (separate) now - Alpha 1 was nogo.
However, there exist error in driver on copying really big files (3+ Gb) 
to NTFS partition, so notice that.
> Looking great for an Alpha.
> John Stokes
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