[PC-BSD Testing] Testing PCBSD 7.1 Alpha1

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Feb 17 03:56:24 PST 2009

Ok guys, I dropped Xandros and installed alpha on my laptoppy.

  1. There is NO /usr/local/bin/bash
I chose bash, and - couldn't login neiter in KDE nor console.
I logged in as root, make a link /bin/bash to /usr/local/bin/bash and OK 
logged in in KDE.

2. Slow - it's wrong word. Sluggish - most fit for speed describing :) I 
have 7.0.2 on external HDD, it's faster. Yes, I know about new Xorg, 
just mentioned this.

3. opened konsole with top, that's it. kded4 - 21%-23% WCPU, load 
average 0.5, monitored about 10 minutes - no changes. No HDD useage; 
What the heck my PC is doing? ;)

will dig more;

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