[PC-BSD Testing] Testing PCBSD 7.1 Alpha1

pcfxer at rogers.com pcfxer at rogers.com
Mon Feb 9 16:59:57 PST 2009

krzysiek wrote:
> hi :-)
> At first,about installer:
> 1. 'UFS + journaling' works nice - and, in my opinion, it should be 
> default option;
> 2.There should bee third boot loader option, as it is in freebsd (i 
> think of "leave MBR untouched");
> 3. When i install pcbsd using other language then english (i use 
> polish language), it's better for me to see english tips  or installer 
> option than don't see any (i suppose some tips or option are not 
> translated from english).
> 4. now, when 'UFS + journaling' finally work well, 'UFS + encryption' 
> or something like this (*GEOM Based Disk Encryption?)* will be very 
> nice (i don't know any 'easy to use' distro with that option).
> 5. As Ian Robinson wrote, some Installation Components was Missing 
> after instalation.
> About installed 7.1 alpha1:
> 1. i use ati driver with 3d and it works flawless on two different 
> computers.
> 2. at first of then sound card was not detected (it was MSI RS480M-IL 
> motherboard with *ATI Radeon

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