[PC-BSD Testing] Testing PCBSD 7.1 Alpha1

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Mon Feb 9 10:08:58 PST 2009

hi  :-)
At first,about installer:
1. 'UFS + journaling' works nice - and, in my opinion, it should be 
default option;
2.There should bee third boot loader option, as it is in freebsd (i 
think of "leave MBR untouched");
3. When i install pcbsd using other language then english (i use polish 
language), it's better for me to see english tips  or installer option 
than don't see any (i suppose some tips or option are not translated 
from english).
4. now, when 'UFS + journaling' finally work well, 'UFS + encryption' or 
something like this (*GEOM Based Disk Encryption?)* will be very nice (i 
don't know any 'easy to use' distro with that option).
5. As Ian Robinson wrote, some Installation Components was Missing after 

About installed 7.1 alpha1:
1. i use ati driver with 3d and it works flawless on two different 
2. at first of then sound card was not detected (it was MSI RS480M-IL 
motherboard with *ATI Radeon® XPRESS 200 Chipset*, sound card on *ATI ® 
SB400 Chipset *southbridge; motherboard spec at: 
http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=RS480M-IL ) and usb 
pendrive was not detected, but usb mouse work fine.
3. unable to use pendrive (i don't remember motherboard name, i was two 
month old AM2+ ASUS with amd chipset nad athlon 64 5000+); dmesg show: 
'uhub5: device problem (TIMEOUT) disabling port 8' (at the same time,  
USB mouse work fine).
4.as Arthur Koziol wrote, mouse work strange sometimes; i need to press 
left mouse button and move mouse ( left mouse button is not enough to 
commit some action).
5. OS work fast; only reaction after typing and using mouse are very slow.

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