[PC-BSD Testing] Testing PCBSD 7.1 Alpha1

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Feb 9 07:29:14 PST 2009

Just installed the 7.1 Alpha 1 and here's some stuff I noticed:

1. When doing a clean install, I choose BASH instead of CSH. After 
installing and rebooting, it boots to the login prompt (which I 
thought was something new except that I checked on "auto login). It 
would not accept the username and password I had chosen during setup. 
Thought I made an error so I did this three time with the same 
result. I re-installed with CSH as default and it did auto-login just fine.

2. Got the same Update Manager error as Ian did regarding " Update 
Error! Could not contact the PCBSD update service. Please check your 
Internet connection or proxy settings under configuration." Amarok 
1.4.10 was available and installed fine. I also agree, the new setup 
of the update manager screen is great. No more switching between tabs. Nice.

3. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but during the initial 
display setup, the mouse has to be constantly moving for action to 
occur on screen. Otherwise it seems as if nothing is going on, no 
disk activity. This same phenomena occurs while at the desktop, if I 
launch an app and don't touch the mouse, the system seems 
non-responsive. If I move the mouse all over the screen, things work 
and launch ok. This is a Logitech M-UV96 USB mouse if it matters at all.

4. During display setup I chose the Intel driver as opposed to VESA 
and used 1280x1024, applied, continued on. Found that my desktop was 
still at 1024x768 and went to run the rerun x setup and it took a 
major crap and threw a KWin error and I wasn't able to get backtrace 
info. Said something about the way it was configured it wasn't an 
option. <shrug> I imagine this is probably some of that "Problems 
with Xorg 7.4" business you were talking about Kris.

KDE 4.2 has a lot nice polish to it. Much improved over 4.1.

More as it comes,

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