[PC-BSD Testing] BSD 7.1RC1 Finally!

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Feb 6 10:51:51 PST 2009

Arthur Koziol wrote:
>> Soon! :)
>> Its taken me a bit longer than expected, since the update to xorg 7.4
>> broke several things, and causes a new slew of problems which I've been
>> trying to get fixed up first, so you can at least get to a workable
>> desktop. KDE 4.2 seems to work pretty well though!
>> I'm testing another alpha candidate tonight, if it's working well enough
>> I'll release it right away, otherwise it'll be a few days still.
> Kris,
> I've been loosely following 7.4 / 1.5.3 development and on the surface it
> appears there may be a 1.5.4 bugfix release coming down the pipe since
> server 1.6 is delayed by 5 weeks + already.
> For what may become 1.5.4, I see 8 patched merged and six proposed.
> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/Server15Branch
> 7.4 was a pretty big change so no surprise it broke some stuff. 1.6 is going
> to be a major change since it's been sliced and diced and had a lot of legacy
> code purged. It should be fun to see what that breaks. >:-}
> Do you have any specifics on what broke in 7.4? Not that I can fix them
> or anything, just curious. :-D
> Arthur 

Xorg 7.4 broke some of the options we use for Nvidia drivers, broke the 
X -configure portion, so that it doesn't get a working xorg.conf 
anymore, some Rgb settings broke X as well, and to top it off, the 
moused / HAL setup caused lots of problems with it, that seem to have 
been mostly resolved in ports now :)

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