[PC-BSD Testing] followup: keyboard error on live DVD (latest alpha iso)

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 14 16:26:08 PST 2009

Changing to IBM ThinkPad in the System Settings -> Keyboard Layout while in the live DVD fixed it.

But it is strange that the same default setting of Generic 104 key PC works on the same system when installed. Anyone have any theories about why?

It may be a transient bug. Out of the dozens of installs I've tried this week, one of them resulted in the same keyboard error. In that install, I clicked on another language in the Preferred Layout menu of the Keyboard Setup screen, then clicked back to English and moved on with the install. However, the error is reproducable every time I use the live DVD on this system.



I booted up the live DVD on an IBM R51 laptop and the right side of the keyboard is not mapped correctly. For example, typing pcbsd.org into Konqueror looks like this:


and typing ifconfig into konsole looks like this:


I suspect it is not loading the correct keyboard layout. PC-BSD installs fine on this system using the default keyboard setup settings.


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