[PC-BSD Testing] general installer questions

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 11 10:07:09 PST 2009

> Recommended Requirements
> Pentium 4 or higher
> 30GB Disk Space
> 512MB of RAM
> 3D card

Any recommendations regarding the video card to get the most out of PC-BSD? Are there any PBIs (e.g. games) that work best on certain cards?

> I'm hoping to have another alpha available next week for you to play with, and it'll include some if not
> all of these PBIs.

Awesome timing!

A few more installer questions:

- any plans to add Help buttons to the installation screens in time for 8.0?

- the enable encryption option during disk setup is GBDE? can it include / or swap?

- is the default auto setup always these values (or does it depend upon the size of the disk/partition selected)?
2GB /, 2GB swap, 1GB /var, rest to /usr


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