[PC-BSD Testing] general installer questions

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Dec 11 09:49:24 PST 2009

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009, Dru Lavigne wrote:

> Kris questions for the installation chapter of the book:
> Is there a list yet of what's new in 8? if not, can you send a quick overview of the biggies you want
> mentioned in the book? So far I have: changes to software manager, life preserver backup utility, 64 bit
> NVIDIA, new installer and installer backend


Software Manager Changes
Life Preserver Tool
64bit Nvidia
Flash 10
New Installer Front + Backend
Fixes to System tools
Update to KDE 4.3.4
The new USB stuff in FBSD 8.0 :)

> Is this correct for 8.0 min requirements: 10 GB for PC-BSD, 4 GB for FreeBSD; any recommendations for 8's
> minimum for CPU and RAM?

Here's what I would put for min / recommended:

Min Requirements
Pentium 2
10GB Disk Space
256MB of RAM

Recommended Requirements
Pentium 4 or higher
30GB Disk Space
512MB of RAM
3D card

I'm not sure what the base requirements are for FreeBSD 8.0, but with our installer, we need a 
minimum of 4GB disk space, 256MB ram to run the install.

> Any plans to add component selection to FreeBSD install (e.g. minimal, developer, full, etc. that FreeBSD
> users are used to)?

Not at the moment, right now we simply do a base install of FreeBSD, plus you can install ports / src. If
there is demand for the other options we may add some of them down the road.

> Any idea of the time frame when the select components items will be close to final? I'd like to include a
> screenshot of this screen but have a hard deadline of very early January. For now, do you know which PBIs
> you're planning on including?

I've just gotten a few of the PBIs for 8.0 created that I plan on including in the next ALPHA. Right now
my list is looking like this:

OpenOffice (English Version)

I'm hoping to have another alpha available next week for you to play with, and it'll include some if not
all of these PBIs.

> Cheers,
> Dru
> !DSPAM:1,4b211fdc20142116118448!

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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