[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 8.0-12062009 is available!

Airy airy at netspace.net.au
Wed Dec 9 15:42:49 PST 2009


A few extras I would like to add

I find the same problem when running Dolphin in administrator mode
-Krite doesn't want to load -comes up with KDEInit could not launch

The default icon size in Dolphin is huge - any chance of scaling it down
a notch so the average user doesn't have to go looking?

When installing it asks for a timezone but KDE itself defaults to USA -
I have to change it manually in system settings.(Australia)

Konquerer defaults to KDE.ORG - perhaps point it to PCBSD.ORG as the
home page??

When booting (same thing happens with 7.1.1) I get the message "starting
denyhosts 0.pool.ntp.com ,1 ,2 - not found giving up.

Probably a KDE thing but when the desktop resizes (eg a different
monitor is plugged in the bottom task panel keeps the original size -i.e
switching from a 24" down to a 15" and then back the panel retains 15" size.

Regards John

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