[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 35, Issue 14

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 15:04:55 PST 2009

Kris Moore replied to Ian Robinson's comment about install failure and no
files in /usr saying,

>I'm guessing that the glabel for /usr wasn't showing up properly, causing
>it to fail mounting. I'm digging into this now, and will try to have it
>fixed for another alpha soon.



I reinstalled PCBSD using the same DVD and this time it installed completely
and is running.

The install, however, did not auto-detect video card (ATI Radeon QY RV100
7000/VE) and it did accept a manual selection of the ati or the radeon
drivers either.  Right now I am running vesa just to be able to play
around.  The previous alpha (20091029) liked that ATI card while it choked
on an NVidia Ti4200.   I'll play around with xorg.conf to see if I am
missing something.

I have no files with the name  /tmp/.pc-sysinstall/pc-sysinstall.log or
/tmp/sys-install.cfg.  I assume they get deleted after the install

New Topic:  PCBSD 8.0-Alpha 20091206 in VirtualBox Successful

An install of the newest alpha in VirtualBox was successful.  At the
conclusion of the install I did get an error message saying:

System Installer

The install failed with Error:1.  Reboot system now?

I rebooted and the virtual machine started without any problem (but you must
remember to disable, remove, or replace the virtual machine's mounting of
the iso file or you will just recycle the install routine).

New Topic:  Screen Resolution in VirtualBox running FreeBSD/PCBSD.

Here is a question about VirtualBox and its resolution.  Since FreeBSD does
not have a guest additions module, you are limited to using either a vesa
driver or a VirtualBox Graphics Adapter from Innotek with a driver called

Generally, the higher the screen resolution, the larger the screen display
(i.e., 1024x768 results in a bigger screen than 800x600).  Both seem to be
limited to a max of 1024x768.  However, here is the rub -- Kris' PCBSD video
driver routine used to configure X during the 1st reboot produces an even
larger VirtualBox Screen than 1024x768.  How does Kris do this? What driver,
what settings?

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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