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Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 8 12:59:54 PST 2009

> If somebody submits a module to the pbi-dev list, we'll take a look at it and commit to the SVN tree. When
> a user starts submitting several of them, we'll often try to throw a commit bit their way, so they can
> continue to commit directly :)
> The PBIUPDATE should be set to "http://update.pbidir.com" for modules we put in SVN, which ensures that
> any update checks will query our servers automatically.

Oh, I see, that knob only makes sense on the build server and basically committers control that setting. One last question regarding this setting, after the build is triggered does the build server reset that value back to the original or does it continue to build until the committer changes it back?

This is what I have written regarding the submission process--let me know if this is not how you want people to do it :-)


When you are satisfied that your PBI is working correctly, create a compressed archive of its directory. The following example creates a compressed archive named /conspire.tar.bz2

# cd /pbi-build/modules/irc
# tar cvf /conspire.tar  .
# bzip2 /conspire.tar

Upload the archive to a publicly available server. If you don't have a server of your own, contact the leader of the PBI development team(1) for credentials to the PBI ftp server. Once the PBI is uploaded, send an email to the Pbi-dev mailing list(2). Your email should include:

* a subject line of “submit module category/portname” (e.g. submit module irc/conspire)

* the body should contain the location where testers can download the archive for the module in order to build and test it


BTW, I ended up creating the conspire PBI while testing this chapter--I will have to find time to submit it :-) The PBI Builder is one slick program which has not gotten the press it deserves.....


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