[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 8.0-12062009 is available!

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Dec 8 12:48:27 PST 2009

Hey all.
I just did upgrade of my earlier alpha to latest one.

1. Installer still didn't fit into 1024x600 - bad
1a. Installer looks good! :)
2. Small glitches in select inputs (source/ports one) - probably xorg-intel
3. Installer found my 8.0 alpha and propose to upgrade.
Also installer found my other UFS disk and show it as "FreeBSD" :).
How about separate real FreeBSD disks, and general UFS disks.
For example disk with real FreeBSD will show up like "FreeBSD".
And plain UFS disk/partition will show up like "FreeBSD capable".

4. After upgrade installer show error 1.
5. Upgrade didn't save the logs, maybe because my tmpfs? :D How about store
upgrade logs and cfg somewhere in /root/sysinstall-`date`.log ?
6. My disks detected now as ad3 and ad2, and I have no other ad0/ad1 at all.
Weird :)
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