[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Latest Alpha 12062009

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Dec 8 09:07:51 PST 2009


Here's some stuff I found while kicking the tires on the new alpha

1. Printer Config: Clicking on the checkbox for "Make Default" and 
clicking "Apply" says "The password may not be correct." I attribute 
this to not being in Admin Mode but right now I can't find a way to do 
that (as was in 7.1.1 when running System Settings prompted you for root 

2. System Settings icon user to be in Kicker > System and ask for root 
password when run but it's absent now. I *think* you said this was by 
design for the time being a few e-mails back, right?

3. The "System Settings" icon on the taskbar (between Dolphin and 
Konsole) and the one in Kicker > System are the same but one is called 
System and the other is called System Settings. Might confuse some 
(i.e., is it System or System Settings?)

4. Already reported this but for those who may have missed it, clicking 
USB Devices in Profiler crashes and is likely due to the new USB stack 
in 8.0. KDE is probably not in parity with the change.

5. KHangman appears twice:

A) Applications > Education > KHang
B) Applications > Games > KHang

6. Blinker appears twice:

A) Applications > Educational > Blinker
B)Applications > Games for Kids > Blinker

7. On-screen Creature appears twice:

A) Applications > Games > AMOR
B) Applications > Games > Toys > AMOR

8. Tea Cooker appears twice:

A) Applications > Games > KTeaTime
B) Applications > Games > Toys > KTeaTime

9. Lokalize appears twice:

A) Applications > Development > lokalize
B) Applications > Office > lokalize

10. Desktop Sharing appears twice

A) Applications > Graphics > okular
B) Applications > System > okular

11. Desktop Sharing appears twice

A) Applications > Internet > krfb
B) Applications > System > krfb

12. Personal Time Tracker appears twice

A) Applications > Office > KTimeTracker
B) Applications > Utility > KTimeTracker

13. Applications > System Add & Remove Software asks for root password 
on launch but then greets you with the button "Run in Admin. Mode". 
Software Manager does the same thing but omits the "Run in Admin. Mode" 
step. I think you said this was under construction but it's a bit 
redundant since one supersedes the function of the other.

14. Manage Printing no longer hangs when setting options via Konqueror 
as was in 7.1.1. Sweet!

15. Clipboard tool doesn't seem to launch.

Applications > Utility > Klipper

16. Enable Desktop Effects stays on and effects work on my Dell abuse 
box (Optiplex GX280 with i915 embedded VGA). I attribute this to KDE 
4.3.4. Screen savers finally work again too. Whee! Here's hoping XServer 
1.6.5 and Mesa 7.6 (plus the Intel 2.9.1 drivers!) get ported over soon.

more as it comes,

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