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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Dec 7 09:23:08 PST 2009

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009, Dru Lavigne wrote:

> Will The Warden be installed in the server version of 8?

Yes and no, in the new installer, our server version is regular "FreeBSD" now, so the warden won't be installed
on that automatically. However, if the user installs PC-BSD, I will have Warden setup as an optional component for sure :)

> Problem with current ThinClient PBI: it extracts an infinite number of ThinClientServer0.9.1 subdirectories
> Is it a bug or a feature that all sounds are on the thin client server instead of the client?

That sounds like a bug to me :P We had an issue with some recursive sym-links getting created a while back, in an older
version of the PBI installer, this has been corrected, and the next time ThinClient gets rebuilt, this will go away.

> Can someone provide an example of using pbreg in a script?

Sure! First, heres the output when you run pbreg by itself:

pbreg Version 1.0
pbreg <command> <key> <value>

   get - Gets a variable from the registry
   set - Sets a variable specified by <value> in the registry
   rem - Removes a variable from the registry


  # pbreg get /PC-BSD/Version
  # pbreg set /PC-BSD/Version 1.0
  # pbreg rem /PC-BSD/Version

So, say I had a script where the user could enable / disable the GUI aspect

# Check if the GUI is enabled
if [ "`pbreg get /MyApp/enableGui`" = "true" ]
   # disable the GUI
   pbreg set /MyApp/enableGui false

> Are security patches in trac? e.g. i tried searching for this week's ssl/rltd patch but could not find it

I've not put any security patches in trac, for 8.0 I'll just update to the latest 8.0-REL before doing a build,
and they are apart of it now. If the user needs the patches, we provide links on the website to the original FBSD
PR, so they can inspect, and patch manually if need be.

> Will lifePreserver be in 8.0?

Yep! A basic version of it will be, but I have ideas on expanding the app and adding more goodies down the

> mfsroot-overlay is for live DVD and installcd-overlay is for install filesystem?

mfsroot-overlay is used for our DVD,USB and Boot CD. It is a listing of files we want to copy
into the auto-generated mfsroot.gz image, which is loaded at bootup.

installcd-overlay is where we can place files to copy into the actual installcd image, which during
the bootup is available on the DVD/USB/CD root filesystem. (Or in the usr.uzip image for things in /usr)

system-overlay is where we place files / data that will be copied into the actual installed system image, such as
our theme data, additional scripts, tools, fixes for KDE, etc. This image gets mounted when you run the DVD
in "live" mode, so essentially you are previwing exactly what the installed system image would contain.

> Is there a way to resume a pbi build where it left off without destroying the sandbox (and having to rebuild all over again)? I know you
> can just run the pbi creation script if build completes, but having to restart a large build after fixing something can be painful. Having
> a resume script that keeps work/ would be nice.

Not just yet, but I it sounds like something I could find useful as well :) Right now once the build is finished, you
can run "./3.makepbi.sh dir/module" to rebuild the PBI, but it doesn't resume the actual port compile process as you saw.
I'll put that on my list of ideas to work on for a future version of the creator, maybe also add some queue system as well.

> Cheers,
> Dru

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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