[PC-BSD Testing] Support for J-Micron?

doverosx at gmail.com doverosx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 09:08:00 PST 2009

Arthur Koziol wrote:
> On 12/03/2009 4:13 AM, Jeff wrote:
>> I didn't see anything in the last few  BIOS updates relating to the 
>> Now I have just seen my new RAID - 1 reporting degraded after a 
>> system crash.
>> A little more Googling and I found numerous references to exactly 
>> these problems with FreeBSD, so guess I'll have to get rid of the 
>> array.  I wonder if it's possible to just return the drives to 
>> non-RAID config without a problem.  I assume so since the system 
>> still boots up fine.  Just one drive reporting errors.
> That's too bad. Hopefully better support will come down the line.
> Arthur
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I have been running PC-BSD 7.1.1-amd64 with my nForce RAID since its 
release and have not suffered stability issues.  I am also moving a test 
server into production once I get the rest of the NICs going and that 
uses gmirror. Gmirror is incredibly easy to setup and the performance is 
quite good. I think the issue really is the J-Micron, which, for the 
sake of discussion also doesn't see the best of support in Windows.


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