[PC-BSD Testing] FF3.5.2 runs slower on PCBSD than Windows?

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 11:54:37 PDT 2009

I built what should have been a kick-ass system with:

Intel i7-920
RAID-0 7200RPM drives 
Asus  P6T Motherboard - (Intel on-board RAID)
Radeon HD-4250 VGA

But in various benchmarks it comes up short every time.

I just ran this browser test and I scored 1296 pts using FF3.5.2 VS double that running on Windows ??  It's not clear what OS the average results came from, but I presume it was Vista.

My benchmark results breakdown:

		Rendering - 1247

		Social networking - 1833

		Complex graphics - 3134

		Data - 1714

		DOM operations - 1264

		Text parsing - 741


I did some other OS benchmarks too recently, and was similarly underwhelmed.  Anyone have a clue why?  Anyone else done any benchmarking?

This machine is sucking up 175 Watts in electricity and I don't appear to be getting my money's worth.  Bumming...

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