[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1 testing

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 29 17:13:55 PDT 2009

Krusader2 will be a PBI in a few days.

I'd vote for Eclipse for an IDE.  It's a pain to install from ports and it never worked for me, but I gave up too easily admittedly.  Problems with finding the JRE install.  People have reported Eclipse doesn't work up to its potential except under Windoze - don't recall the reasons why.

PBI requests are best made to: pbi-dev at lists.pcbsd.org, BTW.

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1. thanks for help with krusader ports - after installing /devel/m4 i
succesfully installed krusader.

2. i can use vga driver on asus motherboard with via p4m800 (i use
openchrome driver for s3 uniChrome integrated vga).

3. i just finished installing krusader2 from ports - it works fine (i
have to manualy edit start menu to run it more easly; when i type
'krusader' version 1.90 is running, but when i type
'/usr/local/kde4/bin/krusader' i have krusader 2.0.0); in my opinion,
.PBI file for it will be very usefull.

4. about updater icon - it will be nice to know the difference between
fully updated system and situation when there is network error and
updater can't connect to online updates server.

5. is there any other way to stop once started updater than reboot
system or logout?

6. about pbidir.com  - my wishlist: 

    a) finanse - gnucash

    b) graphics - blender

    c) file manager - krusader2, mucommander,

    d) any Integrated development environment - maybe netbeans?

    e) multimedia - xine;

    f) deskutils - cdcat.

8. i can't install GKrellM from PBI (installer  still says: "file is

9. i can't edit files with polish letters (for example with
'Wołoszański') with openoffice-EN 3.0.1 installed from PBI (error
message: 'file does not exist') until i change their names.

10. i didn't check it on 7.1, but i suppose that problem still exist:
file '/home/username/.kde/Autostart/tray-sk0.desktop' is created during
system installation, and when i add change network card or add one,
network card icons are not as useful as it should be.



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