[PC-BSD Testing] Runports stopped working

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 29 14:10:47 PDT 2009

Very strange and flaky behavior...

I rebooted my system and noticed I couldn't even start su-konqueror.  But then a few minutes later it would.

Right clicking on the blue triangle in the tray for the updater asks for pw then dies.  Then started working later.

One thing difference between this machine and my other (where everything seems to be ok) is when trying to start runports as root - it brings up the KDE dialog box for password whereas the other machine just launches the konsole and asks for the pw that way.

It seems everything went to hell in a handbasket just after I upgraded FF to 3.09, because it wouldn't install itself in the menu - I had to fix that manually, and the fonts were all wrong and the base color scheme also reverted to gray.  Ditto for KMySQLAdmin - wrong colors.  The settings for using KDE
 fonts in GTK apps are proper.  But I wanted to try setting it to something else then switching it back but alter I change the settings the 'apply' button remains grayed out.  This is all very reminiscent of the problems I had several versions of KDE4 before.

On both machines in the GTK fonts and styles dialog box, if you change the radio buttons for styles and buttons, the 'apply' button remains grayed out until you swith 'em back.  The other difference is in the bad machine I installed the Gtk-Qt theme engine so I could use my KDE style in GTK apps.

I changed the radio buttons, saved it, and rebooted and suddenly FF got the colors and fonts right.  But KDEMySQLAdmin did not.

Everything I do to this machine I do on the other except install any PBIs other than the Warden and FF3. Seems like some system file got corrupted and/or there's some process running that isn't right or something.  Where should I look?

I don't want to keep bothering you if I have a flaky machine.  It's a 7 year old Gateway with a P4, 1.8G, 1.25G-RAM, and a new HD, and should work fine.

Maybe it's just haunted....


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Jeff wrote:
> For some unknown reason, I can no longer use Runports either as root or
user.  It tries to start and then nothing.
> Can no longer start the PBI launcher by clicking on the file while in
Konqueror (as root) either.
> I may inadvertently have used the regular konsole to install a port, but
that shouldn't affect anything, right?  I think I installed pgcalc2 from
package on the regular konsole, and as a matter of fact it's acting up too.
> Can you briefly

 explain just exactly what Runports.sh does?
> What happens if I build the portsnap ports tree and not use Runports?
> What's up with Konqueror and PBIs?
> Tnx, Jeff


Do you get any sort of error when you try to use runports? If you look at it,
its just a simple shell script which sets / unsets a few variables and calls


Also, is konq installing PBIs when running as user, or still failing? What
about dolphin?

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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