[PC-BSD Testing] Runports stopped working

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 29 11:28:57 PDT 2009

When I click runports from the KDE menu (as root) it asks for the pw and then nothing happens.  No error, nothing.  Trying it as (user) and the cursor bounces for 30 seconds and then disappears.

I can start the script in the konsole, no problem however (did it as root).

I had reported before that I couldn't start Dolphin as root, but now it's working.

I think the menu system is hosed.  I added a new item for Konqueror and it woudn't show up in the menu until I opened the editor again and dragged it down the list and re-saved it.  I remember having problems similar to these (and worse) in V7, back in October or so.  

I can run the PBI installer just fine from Dolphin or Konqueror (as user).

I tried launching PBIs from my other machine using Konq as root and it does nothing there as well.  Double click or right-click-->open with PBI launcher, nothing happens.


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Jeff wrote:
> For some unknown reason, I can no longer use Runports either as root or
user.  It tries to start and then nothing.
> Can no longer start the PBI launcher by clicking on the file while in
Konqueror (as root) either.
> I may inadvertently have used the regular konsole to install a port, but
that shouldn't affect anything, right?  I think I installed pgcalc2 from
package on the regular konsole, and as a matter of fact it's acting up too.
> Can you briefly explain just exactly what Runports.sh does?
> What happens if I build the portsnap ports tree and not use Runports?
> What's up with Konqueror and PBIs?
> Tnx, Jeff


Do you get any sort of error when you try to use runports? If you look at it,
its just a simple shell script which sets / unsets a few variables and calls


Also, is konq installing PBIs when running as user, or still failing? What
about dolphin?

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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