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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Apr 27 12:16:39 PDT 2009

A.Yerenkow wrote:
> On 27.04.2009 17:01, A.Yerenkow wrote:
>> On 27.04.2009 16:53, Kris Moore wrote:
>>> yerenkow at uct.ua wrote:
>>>> Kris Moore wrote:
>>>>> yerenkow at uct.ua wrote:
>>>>>> Hello guys!
>>>>>> We some time ago discussed tool for translation.
>>>>>> I mention that I have some tool, and participating in 
>>>>>> fan-translation of games :)
>>>>>> So, I made a little presentation, I'm not sure it's good and all 
>>>>>> can be clear,  but I'll answer all questions :)
>>>>>> Here is Video, captured via recordmydesktop on my PC-BSD laptop :-P
>>>>>> http://gits.kiev.ua/pcbsd/translation-tool.ogv
>>>>>> Waiting for any comments, questions, etc :)
>>>>>> I hope we could find a way to make translations of PC-BSD and it's 
>>>>>> components easier and faster.
>>>>> Can this tool be used to translate .ts files?
>>>> Why not, currently it takes input file, get from there strings for 
>>>> translation with regexp, and allow "render" equivavlent file with 
>>>> translated parts.
>>>> So, any plain text input file could be used.
>>>> If .ts isn't text file, then a bit of work (converters) should be done.
>>>> Kris, send an examlpe .ts file, and I'll answer for sure :)
>>> Sure, attached is a sample .ts file for our Software & Updates tool. 
>>> Its just XML format, so your app would have to be able to parse it 
>>> properly, and set some flags.
>> So, this is simplest XML, no problems, each string could be extracted 
>> easily with regexps.
>> I'm planning to make a lot of enhancements in may-june, so I'd like to 
>> discuss any ideas/requests etc.
> How about more comments, guys? :)
> Does no one interested in review video and say something? :)

Well, I watched the video. It looks like a powerful tool, but as they 
say the proof is in using it :)

If you can get it setup to understand / work with .ts files, I would say 
get a demo running somewhere, and then post to the translation list, not 
the -testing list, to see what translators think. Also, could you use 
this system to translate .desktop files?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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