[PC-BSD Testing] About translations

yerenkow at uct.ua yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Apr 27 06:48:15 PDT 2009

Kris Moore wrote:
> yerenkow at uct.ua wrote:
>> Hello guys!
>> We some time ago discussed tool for translation.
>> I mention that I have some tool, and participating in fan-translation of 
>> games :)
>> So, I made a little presentation, I'm not sure it's good and all can be 
>> clear,  but I'll answer all questions :)
>> Here is Video, captured via recordmydesktop on my PC-BSD laptop :-P
>> http://gits.kiev.ua/pcbsd/translation-tool.ogv
>> Waiting for any comments, questions, etc :)
>> I hope we could find a way to make translations of PC-BSD and it's 
>> components easier and faster.
> Can this tool be used to translate .ts files?
Why not, currently it takes input file, get from there strings for 
translation with regexp, and allow "render" equivavlent file with 
translated parts.
So, any plain text input file could be used.
If .ts isn't text file, then a bit of work (converters) should be done.
Kris, send an examlpe .ts file, and I'll answer for sure :)

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