[PC-BSD Testing] changes to loader.conf

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Sun Apr 26 19:17:17 PDT 2009

Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> I was installing phpeclipse and this message came up:
> ---------------------------------
> Gamin will only provide realtime notification of changes for at most n 
> files,
> where n is the minimum value between (kern.maxfiles * 0.7) 
> and              
> (kern.maxfilesperproc - 200). Beyond that limit, files will be 
> polled.      
> If you often open several large folders with Nautilus, you might want to
> increase the kern.maxfiles tunable (you do not need to set             
> kern.maxfilesperproc, since it is computed at boot time from kern.maxfiles).
> For a typical desktop, add the following line to /boot/loader.conf, then
> reboot the system:                                                     
>     kern.maxfiles="25000"
> ---------------------------------
> now, I have to say that I do not understand much about the maxfiles*0.7 
> or what this is trying to say, but seems like that we should up the 
> possible number of openable files to 25000.  This may also solve some 
> issues that other ports have (like qsvn)
> another message that I go a lot is that:
> pkg_add: warning: package 'XXX' requires 'libxcb-1.2_1', but 
> 'libxcb-1.2' is installed
> pkg_add: warning: package 'XXX' requires 'libX11-1.2.1,1', but 
> 'libX11-1.2,1' is installed
> Fabry
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maxfile stuff:

[root at pcbsd]/home/Brodey(12)# sysctl -a | grep 'maxfiles'
kern.maxfiles: 25000
kern.maxfilesperproc: 11095

Looks good ?


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