[PC-BSD Testing] Automounting of USB drives - Why is it a problem?

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 16 06:32:02 PDT 2009

I have two different systems with fresh installs of PCBSD and neither will consistently automount any USB device including thumb drives, and an external HD.  One is a seven year old Gateway and the other a four year old Dell.  Both have the device notifier widget.  The USB devices do show up in the info center USB section and the HD additionally in the SCSI list.

The Dell will recognize some thumbdirves but neither will mount the HD.  In PCBSD 1.5.1, I was able to read the HD which was formatted for Windows.

Something screwy with hal.  (Hal: What are you doing Dave?)  [For anyone who remembers 2001, Space Odyssey; Dave is slowly pulling memory modules out, so at least he recognized auto unmount...]  Hal of course, is IBM minus 1.  I'm dating myself.  Ahem...

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Hello List,

For some time now, I have been baffled by one thing: Mac OS X somehow
has FreeBSD under the hood. When you connect a USB stick (flash disk,
external drive) to a Mac, it gets automounted, yet the same does not
happen on FreeBSD.

I have seen several questions being asked on this list about this
feature, but the answer is neither here nor there.

There is even a port (sysutils/automounter) that I believe is
supposed to help towards this, but again it's not as easy as it seems to

Now my question is just one: Why should it be this difficult for
FreeBSD to have the automount feature within the base system?

If OS X is doing it, Linux is doing it, FreeBSD can do it.

Mount usb dev, work with it somehow ( copy there or from), and then
NOT umounted it, remove it.

You'll probably get kernel panic and system crash. This happen in
almost all cases.

While BSD -Stable didn't merge new USB stack, which would behave
normal in such situation, auto-mount not good idea.

That's my IMHO :)

Sure, but you haven't seen a Mac OS X panic so far, right? Perhaps you
haven't seen/used any Mac, so you are not to blame:-) 

All I am wondering about is why it cannot happen in FreeBSD

I have not had any issues with USB drives auto-mounting on my PC-BSD
installs ever.

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