[PC-BSD Testing] Automounting of USB drives - Why is it a problem?

Arthur a-koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Apr 15 16:00:28 PDT 2009

>>Hello List,
>>For some time now, I have been baffled by one thing: Mac OS X 
>>somehow has FreeBSD under the hood. When you connect a USB stick 
>>(flash disk, external drive) to a Mac, it gets automounted, yet the 
>>same does not happen on FreeBSD.
>>I have seen several questions being asked on this list about this 
>>feature, but the answer is neither here nor there.
>>There is even a port (sysutils/automounter) that I believe is 
>>supposed to help towards this, but again it's not as easy as it seems to be.
>>Now my question is just one: Why should it be this difficult for 
>>FreeBSD to have the automount feature within the base system?
>>If OS X is doing it, Linux is doing it, FreeBSD can do it.
>Mount usb dev, work with it somehow ( copy there or from), and then 
>NOT umounted it, remove it.
>You'll probably get kernel panic and system crash. This happen in 
>almost all cases.
>While BSD -Stable didn't merge new USB stack, which would behave 
>normal in such situation, auto-mount not good idea.
>That's my IMHO :)
>Sure, but you haven't seen a Mac OS X panic so far, right? Perhaps 
>you haven't seen/used any Mac, so you are not to blame:-)
>All I am wondering about is why it cannot happen in FreeBSD world?

I have not had any issues with USB drives auto-mounting on my PC-BSD 
installs ever.

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