[PC-BSD Testing] ports / packages

Brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Wed Apr 15 08:11:08 PDT 2009

 I've managed to install scpaview via ports , however it returns with
"/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libgdk_imlib.so.5" not found,
required by "spca5view" " . Any thoughts on this ? I'd love to get my
webcam working with PC-BSD . 
 After a long install process Kports installed fron ports ( I think it
pulled in another entire copy of KDE4 in the process ). All seems good
with the ports install part of the program anyway, but it gives the
message " Failed to update/read the FTPINDEX. You will not be able to
use Packages " on startup .
 XFCE installed perfectly via package_add . Gnome seemed to install
perfectly via package_add as well but it seems the wrong version of
Gnome-power-manager was installed during the package_add process and it
will not boot .
 I'm very happy with the basic system after install, but these are all
ports that have installed no problem for me countless times in the past
with very little effort . I'd be happy with, at the very least, webcam
support . 

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