[PC-BSD Testing] Runports confusion

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
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You know for sure if your post doesn't get an answer soon, you probably did something stupid.  Like uh, forget to 'portsnap fetch' AND 'extract'.  DOH!

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Date: Monday, April 13, 2009, 5:12 PM

I posted the following at wiki.pcbsd.org as a discussion for this issue.

This needs to be clarified a bit more.

I opened a Konsole using runports as root and then did portsnap fetch, but that did not create a ports tree in /usr/ports.  Seems you must create that tree the usual way first and then switch to runports to build a port. 

What about adding packages by pkg_add?

Please explain in more detail what's going on here with runports. 

Why is there also a runports command for user - don't you always want to build ports as root?

When I ran portsnap from runports, what happened?  It didn't complain.  

Couldn't find a ports tree anywhere.  There is no /PCBSD/ports, or /local/ports. 
 Then I used system-->Runports (root) to fetch but it crashed with a sig 11.  Then ran portsnap fetch from a regular konsole and it reported the latest snapshot matched what we already have.  But.... where?

Now what do I do?  There is nothing in /usr/ports.

Also, how will this play with programs like kports (the latest version released a week ago or so cannot yet build ports, just examine what you have and such)?

Last question.  I'm going to build a jail to run Drupal/php5/mysql/apache2, probably using The Warden.  I presume I need a separate ports tree for the jail, and if so, then I get the separation from the desktop automatically, right?


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