[PC-BSD Testing] Cannot run Dolphin as root

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 13 10:40:42 PDT 2009

Changed the command to:

kdesu dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u

and unchecked 'run as a different user'.

Now it works.  Would like to know the difference.  Noticed that SU Konqueror is done this way.

Would also like to see an explanation of the %c, %u tokens too.  Have looked in the past and found nothing at KDE.

--- On Mon, 4/13/09, Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com> wrote:
From: Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com>
Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] Cannot run Dolphin as root
To: testing at lists.pcbsd.org
Date: Monday, April 13, 2009, 12:04 PM

Created new menu item for SU Dolphin.

Command: dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u
Checked 'run as <root>'

Get error: 

Could not start process.  Cannot talk to klauncher: The name org.kde.klauncher was not provided by any servicefiles.

This used to work fine in KDE3, and if I'm not mistaken in 7.01 or 7.02.

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