[PC-BSD Testing] SoundMAX ADI1986A Audio on 7.1

Eugeniy Khvastunov khvastunov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 03:13:16 PDT 2009

Hello All!

Noticed an interesting thing.

I have a motherboard ASUS P5-PL2, with SoundMAX ADI1986A Audio on board.
On the rear panel there are 3 connectors:
blue - line in;
green - line out;
red - microphone;
If the sound card working in 5.1 mode, the outputs are as follows:
blue - rear out;
green - front out;
red - center / sub.;
All described above is taken from the manual and confirmed in WinXP.

But in 7.1 it works differently:
blue - front ou;
green - center / sub.;
red - rear out.

Anybody can shed some light on what is happening?

wbr. Eugeniy Khvastunov,
  System administrator.
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