[PC-BSD Testing] Gold; Odd playing of Flash videos

Peter Brewster peter.brewster at comcast.net
Sat Apr 11 13:15:32 PDT 2009

Kris, I reported something like this on RC1 and earlier FF.  It remains on Gold.  My guess is that this relates to the old BSD v. Adobe matter.

System is generic MB with 32-bit Intel, generic Intel video.  Browser is FF 3.0.8.  Home page is www.nytimes.com.

First symptom:  After a new launch a video preview area (for Adobe Flash, standard NYT feature and location, about halfway down home page) shows as grey and the four small fixed image frames below it are blank white.  Clicking on the flash area gets nothing.  No play, no information no nothing.  So this is very noticable.  Left clicks on the small frames get nothing.  Right clicks get a menu and the frame source, etc. look normal.  (Above my pay grade!)

After a new tab + home page the same video preview area looks normal (a scene and "play video" when hovered over) and the small frame fixed images look normal.  Playing the video using a left-click is good and it can be stopped, restarted, replayed, etc.  Selecting another small image gets a different video, which also plays correctly.

Second symptom:  A right-click on the otherwise correctly performing video area causes the area to go grey.  Further clicks (left or right) get nothing.  It makes no difference if the video was being played or not.   The small frames still show an image, and hovering still shows text, but they cannot be played.

A third tab, etc. works (or not) the same.

I fetched the AllCodecs pbi and installed it without any reported errors.  However I have no idea if they are really there or have any bearing on the Flash player.


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