[PC-BSD Testing] Update to 7.1 can't find partition

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 11 11:12:56 PDT 2009

Some more thoughts...

PCBSD has always had issues with updating systems with custom partitions.  I've been bitten several times in the past.  Sometimes it would work and some not, oddly depending on the relative size of the various partitions - I could never make any sense of it.

I am running a development server and probably could live with a single partition but would like to know why this problem persists.  I'm afraid if I start over with a fresh install of 7.1 release and custom partition my drive again, I'll have upgrade issues in the future - been there, suffered that.

Here is a good explanation of the hows and whys of custom partitioning:


Why partition at all?

to nicely size a partition for a weird backup scheme that cannot handle unusually large backup dumps.
to protect the space needed by something (particularly the base system) from being stepped on by other programs
to limit particularly hungry programs from stepping on the space of everything else.

The disk size they are working with in that advice from the FreeBSD handbook is obviously a bit dated, so just scale things up.  I initially allowed 10GB for the root partition which included everything in the PCBSD directory (~4GB) but not the programs (PBIs) and home directories which are linked to /usr.

Of course, now that drives are ginormous, running out of room particularly on just a development server, is less likely, but I just wanted to do things by the book.  And of course someone may want to actually run a server using the 'server edition' of PCBSD and will be royally ticked off if an upgrade fails to find the partitions!

More partitioning advice here:




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I just updated one computer no problem, but on the 2nd one the installer says "No existing PCBSD partitions detected."  The only difference is the 1st machine used the entire disk whereas the 2nd was partitioned as follows:

/  - 10 GB
swap - 6 GB
var - 50 GB
var/tmp - 3 GB
usr - 160 GB

Also the 2nd machine uses a hardware RAID -1 array (mirroring) but that shouldn't matter.

I guess I'm doomed to start over on this one, but would like to know why this is failing.

Also noticed that the root partition is 50% full which seems like a lot (5 GB used).

Tnx, Jeff

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