[PC-BSD Testing] Found Gold!

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 12:13:15 PDT 2009

Upgrade to 7.1 release went smoothly but for the following:

Didn't remember my bootsplash image choice and substituted the default.

Over wrote loader.conf and commented out the boot image (PCBSD) load stuff. 

Didn't remember my custom system color for Oxygen (had to redo for both admin and user).

Never checked this before but Akonadi server would not start:

#yiv2072073972 p, #yiv2072073972 li {white-space:pre-wrap;}

The Akonadi control process is not registered at D-Bus which typically means it was not started or encountered a fatal error during startup. 
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No resource agents have been found, Akonadi is not usable without at least one. This usually means that no resource agents are installed or that there is a setup problem. The following paths have been searched: '/PCBSD/local/kde4/share/akonadi/agents'. The XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable is set to '/usr/share:/usr/local/share:/usr/local/share/gnome:/PCBSD/local/share:/PCBSD/local/kde4/share:/Programs/share:/usr/local/kde4/share', make sure this includes all paths where Akonadi agents are installed to.
#yiv2072073972 p, #yiv2072073972 li {white-space:pre-wrap;}

The Akonadi server did report error during startup into /root/.local/share/akonadi/akonadiserver.error.
#yiv2072073972 p, #yiv2072073972 li {white-space:pre-wrap;}

The Akonadi server did report error during its previous startup into /root/.local/share/akonadi/akonadiserver.error.old.

Complete Akonadi report attached.

Can't install development tools using the internet method - file not found on mirror.

What happened to Kompozer?  The PBI (and several others too) won't install - corrupt file (MD5 correct).  Why isn't this included in dev tools on the DVD?

Updated Webmin PBI.  Changed the menu
 structure to a single item rather than the Webmin group-->Webmin.  Tried to put back the icon but it's missing - drop down list for icon categories won't open - no lable.  Had to manually find and install the
 icon.  After reboot the drop down box started working again but still couldn't find the Webmin icon that way.

Another side note:  OpenOffice menu opens a splash page to click on the app you want. Time waster.  Better to have each individual app in the main menu.  I did this manually in KDE3 - had to go searching for the right target.

Not sure what the 'lost and found' menu entry is for, but FF3 just showed up there.

Other than those relatively minor issues, I'm extremely pleased!  Excellent work!  I'm converting a lot of old Windoze users and a few Mac people too!  IX systems should be competing stronger with Ubuntu especially in the hot new netbook arena.


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