[PC-BSD Testing] Konqueror (file manager) and Dolphin drag and drop crashes

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 08:01:05 PDT 2009

Two annoying bugs in Konqueror as file manager, and Dolphin.  Most likely KDE bugs, but will report here anyway. 7.1RC1, BTW.

In Konqueror, if you have the tree view in the left pane and delete or move a folder to another location or rename it, the view in the left pane does not change to reflect that even after a refresh (F5).  If you rename the folder and then try to drag a file to it (the old name) in the left pane folder view, it crashes.  Restarting Konqueror does make the left pane correct however.

In Dolphin,  you cannot drag and drop files into any folder in the left pane - it crashes.  When you drag and hover over the folder icon in the left pane and release, it displays the 'X' telling you it cannot do it, but neither can you click 'cancel'.  So if you click anywhere else, nothing happens, but then go back and try to click cancel, it crashes.

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